Louis Vuitton Introducing New Backpack Collection

Louis Vuitton


The trend of backpacks continue to climb, in fact, it’s so popular that Louis Vuitton decided to launch an entire new line. Obviously, they couldn’t ignore the fact that, backpacks have become hotter than the volcano.

Perhaps Chanel started this hype, with their graffiti backpacks that changed the way we dress. I mean, what’s cooler in the summer than carrying a graffiti-painted, self-made charms (the ones you put together when you get bored in the classroom) bag on your back and combined with street style fashion? I was skeptical at first until I spotted a few bloggers styling it, and they looked darn good.



Naturally, three of the four new Louis Vuitton backpacks need to be printed with the iconic monogram canvas. The design is strenghtend with two buckles non the front. It features two side pockets and a handle on the top. Are you read to climb the mountain?


Another one that Louis Vuitton is going to be released, is much more streamlined. Monogram Canvas is prohibited and it features a simple bucket closure on the front. It doesn’t even have side pockets. If you belief as much as I do, that simplicity is ultimate sophistication, then here you go.

Btw, the last Louis Vuitton backpack is also perfect for work. It’s easy and effortless.

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Louis Vuitton Early Bird and Night Bird Collection

Louis Vuitton

Introducing the Louis Vuitton Early Bird and Night Bird Collection. This limited edition collection is Louis Vuitton’s newest offerings for Spring/Summer 2016. The collection features bird pattern such as owl, parrot and tropical birds on small leather goods, as well as iconic bags like Twist and Petite Malle.

Style & Price


US Price

Euro Price

Louis Vuitton Night Bird Bag Charm and Key Holder $320.00 (USD) €225.00
Louis Vuitton Parrot Early Bird Bag Charm and Key Holder $290.00 (USD) €195.00
Louis Vuitton Owl Zippy Coin Purse $505.00 (USD) TBD
Louis Vuitton Tropical Birds Zippy Coin Purse $505.00 (USD) TBD
Louis Vuitton Owl Zippy Wallet $1,110.00 (USD) €750.00
Louis Vuitton Parrot Zippy Wallet $1,110.00 (USD) €750.00
Louis Vuitton Tropical Birds Epi Twist Wallet $1,270.00 (USD) €900.00
Louis Vuitton Parrot Card Holder $290.00 (USD) TBD
Louis Vuitton Parrot Twist Chain Wallet $1,840.00 (USD) €1,250.00
Louis Vuitton Owl Twist Chain Wallet $2,060.00 (USD) €1,400.00


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Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Accessoires Trunks and Locks

Louis Vuitton


You know when you’re invited to a birthday party and you know that your friend is addicted to designer brands. And I can totally understand the frustration of hunting for a present that needs to be correctly balanced between the price and value. It’s even harder if she has bought you an expensive gift for ‘your birthday’ last your and you need to return the favor.
But you can’t buy a Chanel Classic Flap Bag, I mean, that will make her very happy that’s for sure, but then you need to cut a big hole in your own budget. Then you don’t want to bring a key ring or something to her party. But what about the Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Accessories Trunks & Locks?
First thing first, The Mini Pochette is not just a collection, as we’ve covered some time ago, the Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette is an iconic itself. It was originally made for the bucket bags, but somehow it has chosen to walk its own path. You can read more details about the original version at Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Accessories.
You see, the Trunks and & Locks edition is from the newest Fall Winter 2014 Collection. The design is made by Nicolas Ghesquière, inspired by the Trunk Luggage, a historical and classic bag from Louis Vuitton. If you’ve followed us so far, you must have heard a lot about the ‘Trunks’ design, which is the big thing for the F/W 2014 release, you remember the Petite Malle Bag?
A charming graphic design on its Damier Ebene Canvas, that adds to its stylishness – the graphic is embellished in the front, making it look like a lock. The Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Accessories Trunks & Locks comes with a short golden chain. Though it has a small space, but its perfect to hold your essentials. Measuring 5.5’ x 3.5’ x 0.4’ (W x H x D) inches, crafted from grained calf leather, for $370 USD, €250 euro’s and £210 at Louis Vuitton e-store or boutique.



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Louis Vuitton


If owning a Louis Vuitton handbag is still one of your dreams, go fulfill that dream by owning this Mabillon Bag that has been lovingly crafted by this world-renowned French luxury power house. Well if you are curious you might wonder:’what’s the reason behind the name of this bag?’ Here’s a little trivia: This LV bag has been named for a street on the parisian Left Bank where effortless sophistication and chic is a way of life that goes without saying. It might look small for you but it is actually a treasure trove that can handle all your essentials. Look extra fab and posh as you wear this Mabillon bag wherever you go.

It has the following detailed features: monogram coated canvas, natural cowhide leather trim, fabric lining, has adjustable leather strap, with golden metallic pieces, zipped main compartment, front pocket with flap closure and snap and has a secret pocket behind front pocket. It also has the following dimension: 9.8′ x 8.7′ x 2.4′ inches (L x H x W) and retails for $1370 USD or €980 euro via Louis Vuitton boutique.


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Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

Louis Vuitton

Prefall is composed around three pillars that are now well-established themes of the Maison’s women’s ready-to-wear collections.

Neo-classic: sophisticated styles recall the heritage of a truly French brand.
Elevated sportswear: the comfort and fluidity of an active wardrobe merge with the spirit of luxury in every detail.
The dream adventure: freshly recast for a new century in which the whole world is within reach.

Designed to compose a complete wardrobe, this collection plays on androgyny and the artful fluidity of style. Its interpretation depends on the subtlety, point of view and personal prism of the woman who wears it. The possibilities are infinite, making a journey through one’s wardrobe an adventure in itself.

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