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The new Dior CD Box is going to rock the fashion world. Last time we talked about the single colors in black and pink. Today we’re going to present a clutch that’s more sophisticated.

READ: Dior CD Box Clutch with Chain

If the evening is too important to fail, you will need a companion that is going to help you stand-out and steal the show. Obviously, your dress and shoes matters, but its always the bag that makes everything perfect – it’s the finishing touch.

Covered in the color we love – pink and satin, with sophisticated design, embroidered with sequins, its gorgeous, it’s beautiful, it’s to-die-for.

Every girl should own at least one of these bags in their wardrobe. These are weapons on standby-mode, always ready for special occasions.

The signature of Dior is put on the side-metal and it comes with a shoulder chain. Measuring 17 x 11.5 x 4.5 cm, price is unknown. Run to the nearest Dior boutique for more information.



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Simple and Charming: The Celine Box Bag

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LLong story short: Celine knows how to produce some stellar handbags.

The french fashion house is single-handedly responsible for many cult favorites and a few standout “it-bags”.  The Luggage Tote has reached legendary status, and the Celine Trapeze and Phantom bags are rising to the ranks as well.

Today, PurseBop is highlighting another Celine star: The Celine Box Bag. 



The Box Bag hits a lot of PurseBop’s fall trend checkmarks. Above all though, the Box bag is timelessly elegant and a perfect addition to any collection.

The Celine Box bag lives up it its name and is highly structured with a rigid, rectangular silhouette. The hard body appearance gives the bag a vintage, retro charm (kind of like another PurseBop favorite – The Louis Vuitton Dora Tote).  The most defining feature of the Box bag is the unique push tab closure in the center of the bag. Although the bag is very minimalistic and classically understated, the hardware closure dresses up the whole aesthetic.

As far as the interior, the bag opens up almost like an accordion and has several different compartments.  To help you stay even more organized, there is a zippered slot for smaller items. Currently available in two sizes, small (7″ W x 5″ H x 3″ D) and medium (9″ W x 8″ H x 3.5″ D), you will have space to carry a considerable amount of essentials if you aren’t ready to dive into themini bag craze yet. The Celine box bag also features a detachable strap that can be adjusted to two different lengths.

FullSizeRender 64
Photo Courtesy: Tout Le Temps Blog


Style Price in USD
Celine Box Bag Small $2,950
Celine Classic Box Bag Medium $3,900
Celine Classic Box Bag Medium - Cobra $4,900
Celine Classic Box Bag Medium - Python $5,600
Celine Classic Box Bag Medium - Lizard $6,200
Celine Box Bag Small - Crocodile $16,000

Celebrity Sightings

Often when we think “Celine & Celebrities”, the luggage tote immediately comes to mind. However, the Box bag has gotten quite a bit of attention in the public eye from big names like Anne Hathaway, Chiara Ferragni, Reese Witherspoon, Celine Dion and Alessandra Ambrosio. The Celine Box bag momentum only seems to be growing!

Celine Box Alessandra-Ambrosio-Celine-Sunglasses-Box-Flap-Bag-Balenciaga-Tassel-Loafers1

There’s a classic bag out there for everyone…is the Celine box bag the one for you?! YAY OR NAY? Click HERE to join the conversation

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Here at BragMyBag, we’ve always loved Givenchy and their passion for giving us some one-of-a-kind pieces that are highly versatile and wearable for almost any occasion. With that in mind, of course, we play favorites, and one of the pieces that are on top of our list is the Pandora Box Chain Shoulder bag. It’s a nifty piece packed with so much style!

Ever heard of Pandora’s Box? The curious case of Pandora – the first woman on earth – who was driven by her curiosity? The one who opened the box filled with all of the evils in the world, even when she was told not to? Yep, the bag has no relation whatsoever to this tale. But because it’s shaped aptly like a box, it was named such.

It has evolved into a number of transformations – from being a slouchy calfskin that takes on a square-ish appearance, to being a fine, structured evening bag that it is now. We know, we should insert a dream sequence here and leave you to your thoughts, but first, allow us to walk you through the beauty that is the Pandora Box Chain Shoulder bag. This time, there are a lot of designs to choose from, so feast your eyes on these pretty designs! You can get your very own via LuisaViaroma and MyTheresa.




Pandora Box Chain Shoulder Bag in Textured Black Leather
Size: 16cm x 18cm x 10cm (H x W x D)
Price: $1995 USD or €1259 EUR


Pandora Box Chain Shoulder Bag in Blush-Pink Leather
Size: 16cm x 18cm x 10cm (H x W x D)
Price: $1995 USD or €1259 EUR


Pandora Box Chain Shoulder Bag in Smooth Black Leather
Size: 16cm x 18cm x 9.5cm (H x W x D)
Price: $1995 USD or €1495 EUR


Pandora Box Chain Velvet Devore Shoulder Bag
Size: 16cm x 18cm x 9.5cm (H x W x D)
Price: $2495 USD or €1795 EUR

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Alexander McQueen is The Queen when it comes to producing such outrageous (but lovable) pieces, and the Poppy Cage Knuckle Box Clutch is no exception. Of course, we’re gushing about this unique piece because it looks so edgy and luxe, we’d want one ourselves! It’s so action-packed in a way – and at times, we’d like to channel our inner Godfather and put on some badass (and stylized) knuckles while walking the streets in style. It’s that good.

This piece is a structured glossy snakeskin box clutch which comes in a black color. The surprise lies in the unique detailing – the Knuckleduster clasp with 3D poppy details and Swarovski crystal accents gives it all away. We’re sold at this point, not kidding! This piece goes well with night-outs, as well as basic outfits, just to give it some finishing touches.

Measuring 6.5” x 4” x 2” inches (L x H x W), you can get your very own Poppy Cage Knuckle Box Clutch for $2525 USD or €2259 EUR, via Ssense.


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Chanel Egg Carton Jewelry Box Clutch Bag


Chanel what?

Milk carton, you say?

Egg Tray?

When the Chanel Supermarket Runway Handbags were published for the first time, some people said: ‘it looks cheap, no please’.

Others thought that Karl Lagerfeld has gone mad, but oh boy what were we wrong. Presenting Plexiglass Egg Tray Clutch Bag, oh yes baby the treasure is hidden in the inside.

Our first impression on the Chanel Egg Tray Clutch Bag was: ‘Oh, it’s a egg tray decorated by CHANEL with CC logo on the front and interwoven chain link’. It’s like mixing supermarket design with Chanel, what’s so special about it?

But that’s not all, its looks like an item that you will be wearing one or two times and then hide it deep in your wardrobe. Perhaps one day you will even sell it, with regrets.

Like we said earlier, we were wrong. If you take a look at the inside you will find six empty holes. Each of them can store a CHANEL accessory like rings. And they look so darn luxurious that its like a dream come true.

What you need to know:

This is a jewelry Box Minaudiere – it can be used as a clutch bag that can be worn on your shoulder. It’s embellished with stressed CC signature and interwoven chain links.

Measuring 4.1 x 5.9 x 2.6, priced at €9750 euro’s and $20,750 SGD at Chanel boutique. Oh and unfortunately this clutch doesn’t come with the rings.



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Rihanna Carries Louis Vuitton Twisted Box By Frank Gehry

Louis Vuitton

1 Rihanna Carries Louis Vuitton Twisted Box By Frank Gehry 1

In the Louis Vuitton Monogram Iconoclasts bag collection, there are six fashion and design luminaries to created different shape and style bags. Recently, we looked Rihanna, carrying the Louis Vuitton x Frank Gehry Twisted Box Monogram Bag at Nobu in Tribeca on a particularly blustery night in NYC.

Louis Vuitton Twisted Box by Frank Gehry features rigid lines and has blue lambskin interior. Had a golden brass clasp closure and also includes a detachable shoulder strap. Measured size in 8.3″ X 4.1″ X 4.7″ and price set to $4,400 USD. Want to know more details about the Celebrating Monogram LV Collection, Here you can get a better look and more latest new style Louis Vuitton bags available sale on Cheap LV Bags for discount!

1 Louis-Vuitton-Twisted-Box-by-Frank-Gehry- 2 1 Louis-Vuitton-Twisted-Box-by-Frank-Gehry- 3 1 Rihanna Carries Louis Vuitton Twisted Box By Frank Gehry 41 Rihanna Carries Louis Vuitton Twisted Box By Frank Gehry5 1 Rihanna-Louis-Vuitton-x-Frank-Gehry-Twisted-Box-Monogram-Bag-1 6

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