Mulberry Lily Chain Flap Bag: Mini versus Small size

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Introducing more colors available in the classic Mulberry Lily flap in the mini size. The great part about this smaller size is that it comes in a very nice price point at only $590 USD. The mini size is slightly smaller at 6″ compared to the next available size at 8″. For Spring 2015 it comes in an array of bright colors from Daffodil Yellow, Mandarin Orange and Red Coral to name a few. The interior of the mini features three credit card slots and a very roomy microfiber interior. The next largest available size is almost 100% of the mini size at $1,100 USD and $1,430 USD for Small and Medium.

The mini Lily is currently available online at Mulberry in a variety of new colors and also at the new Shop at Spotted Fashion.

Style, Price and Size

Style Price Size
Mulberry Lily Mini Bag $590.00 (USD) 4.25″ x 5.75″ x 2.5″
Mulberry Lily Bag Size Comparison

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Dior D Light Canvas Chain Tote Bag Reference Guide

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Introducing the Dior D Light Bag. It is made of denim or canvas and is the newest tote bag from Dior. It has two flat handles with a chain that can be adjusted and folded, allowing the chain to be hidden inside the bag and transforming it into a handheld bag. The handles are made of black patent, while the shoulder strap included is made of calfskin leather. The sides comes with two button snaps which gives the bag a wider space when left unbuttoned. It can be carried in three ways, on the shoulder, by hand or on the crook of the arm.

For Cruise 2015, the D Light Bag was made available in floral prints, a design borrowed from Christian Dior’s artist friend, René Gruau. It is available in three colors, Pink, Black and White. For Spring/Summer 2015, the bag is made available in denim canvas with patchwork.

Style, Price & Size


USD Price

EU Price


Dior D Light Denim Bag  TBD €1,750.00 TBD
Dior D Light Canvas Bag $2,800.00 €1,650.00 TBD

Dior D Light in Canvas Pink Bag - Spring 2015

Dior D Light Denim Canvas Bag - Spring 2015

Dior D Light Denim Canvas Bag - Spring 2015 - 2

Dior D Light Canvas in White bag - Spring 2015

Dior Pink Floral Printed D Light Canvas Bag

Dior Floral Printed D Light Canvas Bag

Dior Denim Patchwork Denim D Light Canvas Bag

Dior Grey/Black Patchwork Denim D Light Canvas Bag

Source: Dior

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Saint Laurent Ligne Y Chain Wallet

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The first time I spotted this bag, I was literally blinded by its beauty. You have to look at this way, it’s one of Saint Laurent best wallet, embellished with a beautiful letter ‘Y’ on the front. And now they have added a chain on it, so you carry and flaunt it for the night-outs.

And of course, if you love the Chanel Wallet on Chain Collection, but you want some variation in your wardrobe (which is very healthy to do so), then this gorgeous is ready to go home with you.

The Saint Laurent Ligne Y Chain Wallet is literally like its name says: ‘as big as a wallet’, maybe a bit larger. Bit its flat, unlike the Chanel Wallet on Chain Halfmoon, which has surprisingly more space than we expect. The design is quite easy, but very classy and chic. The letter ‘Y’ really stands out and will help you steal the show effortlessly. The chains are thin and feminine, it’s very long so you can also carry it on your shoulder and swing the night. I really adore the golden hardware that fit perfectly with pink.

Measuring 8.75’ x 6’ x 1.5’ inches, this bag features a press-stud closure, you can find card slots, zippered coin pocket and a note compartment in the interior. Priced at $1,150 USD at SSENSE.


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Cartier Chain Tote Bag

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Cartier is one of the places that men shop for a wedding ring, but nowadays they can get our birthday gift at Tiffany & Co. too. The brand Cartier is not famous for its bags, but their accessories belong to one of the most luxurious in the world. And like any designer brands, Cartier got its own classics.

One of them is this Cartier Classic Chain Tote – an elegant and feminine bag with a contemporary feel that reflects to Cartier’s timeless aesthetic. Crafted from varnished calfskin and finished with palladium metal hardware, it does certainly distinguish you from those that follow hypes.

And one thing can be guaranteed, when you choose Cartier, you are going for the quality leather (which some designer brands are lacking). It’s a true lady-bag, for those that love to wear chic even on the streets. The space in the interior is quite large and nicely structured, there are two compartments with a flat zipped center pocket and a cell phone pocket.

And there is one more thing though, you can also find the stamp: ‘Cartier Paris’ in the interior. It comes in the colors taupe, black and red, measuring 275 mm x 380 mm (H x W), estimated retail price is $2990 USD.



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Diorissimo Rencontre Chain Wallet

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First it was all about the Lady Dior and now, there is something standing next to it. The Diorissimo tote has become raving popular since its first launch in 2012 and as expected, Dior took the opportunity at its fullest and made more variation for the Diorissimo line.

Meet your evening bag, yes it’s small and compact, yet qualified to store all your tiny essentials. The combination of two, the exquisite smooth calfskin leather meets the craftsmanship of Dior is a powerful blend. And the result?

No other than this wallet with chain, combined with a look full of charm and character than can lift the spirit of any woman. Carry it through the night, turn it into a clutch whenever you feel, an ideal bag for any luxury outfit.

The toxic purple and hot pink takes your worries away, it has passed the fashion security test, miles away from faux pas. Or for to enhance your summer feelings, take the rouge vif and sunshine orange.

Remove the chain to carry it by hand, the Diorissimo has a signature charm attached on the left. That piece only is impressive. The interior is enriched with one zipped pocket, one gusset compartment, two flat pockets and twelve card slots to structure your items like you would in your closet.

Measuring 19,5 x 10 cm, the chain is 35 cm, for €690 euro’s or £650 GBP at Dior e-store or their boutique.



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Second Contest Review: A Louis Vuitton Replica Chain Louise

Louis Vuitton

When I received this review of the Louis Vuitton replica Chain Louise bag I was super eager to read it and take a closer look at the photos. The reason? This is the first Louis Vuitton Chain Louise bag review from so I was really curious to see how it looks like.

Louis Vuitton Chain Louise Replica Purse

Louis Vuitton Chain Louise Replica Purse

I’m sure you are curious to find out more about this pretty LV replica too, so below you can find the entire review for this purse.

“Hi Eva!

I bought the Louis Vuitton replica Chain Louise a few months ago from I took some photos with my phone, sorry for the poor quality…

Louis Vuitton Replica Chain Louise Front View

Louis Vuitton Replica Chain Louise Front View

Louis Vuitton Replica Chain Louise Golden Chain

Louis Vuitton Replica Chain Louise Golden Chain

Louis Vuitton Replica Chain Louise Polished Brass LV Logo

Louis Vuitton Replica Chain Louise Polished Brass LV Logo

Louis Vuitton Replica Chain Louise Inside View

Louis Vuitton Replica Chain Louise Inside View

I have to admit I was a bit nervous before I ordered it because I couldn’t find much information on this bag on the Internet so I didn’t know exactly what to expect. But since I trust your recommendations, I finally decided to buy it from PurseValley, I’ve heard more good than bad things about them. I fell in love with this pretty little purse so much that I knew I should have one immediately!

And now I can say I’m extremely happy I did it! This is not the first replica Louis Vuitton handbag I own but it’s definitely my favorite! I love how smooth and luxurious the leather feels and looks! I love that the golden chain is so shiny and the large LV logo is just the cherry on top! The interior has microfiber lining just like the real bag and the zipped and slot pockets help me keep all my stuff organized, just like I like it!

I know that the stitching is essential when it comes to LV handbags and it was one of the first things I checked when the bag arrived but thankfully everything looked fine and neat. I wore this bag on a few special occasions and I always got a lot of compliments for it…so happy!

That being said, I’d love to add a new Louis Vuitton replica to the family, haha! Thank you for the contest!”

My dear, it’s always a pleasure to hear from girls who are as passionate about bags as you are! Congrats on your beautiful purchase and good luck!

What do you girls think? Does this Louis Vuitton replica have what it takes to be the winner?

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